Hello, stranger.

I'm sangha. subculture slut. lover of actresses, girl groups, songstresses. I enjoy bad movies that try too hard, and have a soft spot for sad synthpop.

Welcome to Strange Seasons, a personal blog where I let both my inner fan and hater roam free. I will be talking about various aspects of Korean pop culture (music, television, film, and so forth) because I can't seem to get my head out of this gutter. (Will I ever escape this shithole? Stay tuned to find out)

Watch out for long-winded posts on why I included certain songs on a playlist, reviews (of various forms), op-eds, and the like. Be wary of irregular posting, suppressed queer desires, abundance of hate and skepticism, too many brackets, and incoherent rambling.

Don't be alarmed if I sound like I hate everything. Because I do.

A little about me: I was born in Korea and spent my formative childhood years in Korea. Spent the turbulent adolescence that followed in Canada. Started my adulthood in the USA. I currently reside in Chicago, USA, with a boring desk job.

The name of the blog, Strange Seasons, is inspired by Korean band Mot's second album title and song,이상한 계절 (Strange Season).

Feel free to drop me a comment or shoot me an e-mail via the contact page, but I will be better reached by any of the options below. (I suggest twitter.)

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