Thursday, April 16, 2015

[mixtape liner notes] 기억하는 봄. Remembering Spring.

Remembering Spring. Second Sewol Tribute Mixtape.
Listen to it here.
The first tribute mix is here.

Click the song title for the full lyrics in English.

01) "LOST" - 국카스텐 (Guckkasten)
Something we could not grasp in our dreams
Something even dreams did not show us
Not ever again in a dream
Our voyage, that will never begin…

02) "잔인한 사월 (Cruel April)" - 브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli You Too)
The cruel season only gets deeper

03) "남서풍 (Southwestern Wind)" - 피아 (PIA)
Wishing the warm air finds home in you / So the fog on the tightly closed windowsill can disappear / Hoping that the southwestern wind comes and comforts you / So you can unfold your wings and fly through those tiny cracks
The unforgettable day, and at the center of it all / We all lost our way  

04) "Time" - Loro's feat. 이승열 (Yi Sung Yol)
On the quiet night ocean
The long moonlight that silently shakes
The lone path in this darkness
The tears I scatter on that path
Between the seasons that fall
A flower in bloom for eternity
The depth of time in this cold
And… life. And… life.

05) "Giant" - Yozoh
I can’t find you anywhere in my desperate dreams
When I open my eyes I am already inside your universe
fly away, fly away

06) "We Are Not Dead Yet" - 로로스 (Loro's)
High up, you were there / See the end is far, far away

07) "다시, 봄 (Again, Spring)" - Various Artists (Kang Seung Won, Kim Mokin, Malo, Park Hye Ri, Sai, Yozoh, Oh Jong Dae, Jung Min Ah, Cha Hyun, Hi Mister Memory)
Will spring be forgotten when fall and winter come / Will spring be the same next year / By then it should’ve been changed / There are people who remember

08) "There Must Be" - Joo Hyo & HA:TFELT
I hope people who are in love won’t lose each other anymore and smile / I pray that this song will be a small light for the hurting hearts / There must be something I can do


Disclaimer - the only songs on this playlist that are explicitly about Sewol are "다시, 봄" (part of a one year anniversary project by a group of indie artists) and the track by Pia. Track by Joo Hyo and HA:TFELT and the song by Loro's feat. Yi Sung Yol were undoubtedly influenced by the tragedy. The other songs are simply what I've found fitting to how I personally feel - grief, but still hoping for justice.

Here's a quick read regarding the developments since the incident.

My last published playlist seems to be the first tribute mix, almost a year ago... It's been a difficult year.

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