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[Recap] Show Me The Money 3 Episode 3

Sorry for the late update! A couple of you have voiced your frustration about how slow we are with the recap series and I swear we're not doing this on purpose. Anyway...

Once again, Ranya (@itsRanya) will be joining us in our uptake of this farce. Still tryna catch up! We’ll get there soon. Or maybe not. Does it really matter? This show is better second time around, when you let the shit sink in. Also Ranya made a blog of her own recently, it's empty for now but keep an eye out for this one.

Ranya: I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug @dok2plzexplain

Sangha: Y'all know how we look up to Dok2 for his infinite wisdom.

Episode 3 picks up where it left off in the last episode. 46 contestants moved up from the solo rounds. We’re in the 1:1 battle rounds now, where contestants will be randomly picked out of a hat, and the picked contestant can choose their own opponent. At the end of the last episode, we saw Bobby pick Kim Sung Hee as his opponent. From a glimpse of the 1:1 performance we got in episode 2, we saw that Bobby forgot his lyrics big time. 

YG vs. Masta Wu? 

Ranya: “I hate people who pop their collars” is the best goddamn reason to wanna smoke someone in a battle I’ve heard of yet.

Sangha: Before the battle rounds begin, the producers throw around a few remarks about each other. Tablo says that Masta Wu vs. YDG is slowly becoming a thing. Masta Wu asks if he can eliminate YDG. This hater:

Sangha: Them pursed lips.

Ranya: YDG shows us why he should’ve kept his snapback on (what an unfortunate dye-job). YDG also tells us he has yet to reveal his secret master plan.

Sung Jang Goon vs. Nam Young Wook

Son of Haenam Sung Jang Goon picks Nam Young Wook, calling him a rabbit. He adds, “isn’t this about preying on the easy? Why should I go against a tiger?” They start clashing right away, as Sung Jang Goon isn’t happy with Nam Young Wook’s music choices, and end up walking out on him. He also says, “they say patience is a virtue, but I think patience makes you a loser.”

Sangha: Did Sung Jang Goon just say that he doesn’t like Notorious B.I.G and Tupac - then proceed to shout at Nam Young Wook to listen to more music? Brah.

Ranya: Braaahhh. Check yourself. Also he was so easily offended it was hilarious, but totally not as cute as I thought he was last ep! Stay cute. (stop saying “bitch” so much)

During the performance, Nam Young Wook forgets his lines and messes up a little bit, to Sung Jang Goon’s utmost joy. Sung Jang Goon moves on.

Bobby vs. Kim Sung Hee

Bobby picks Kim Sung Hee as his opponent because Kim Sung Hee name-dropped the ‘idol rappers’ in his second round performance. During their performance, both of them forget their lines but both quickly recover. Ultimately, the producers choose Bobby. Swings says that this is the first time he liked Bobby’s rap.

Sangha: This shot is everything to me:

Sangha: it’s like the show wants to make everything look so awkward.

Ranya: My fave screenshot is when Sung Hee messes up and Bobby freezes up for a whole minute and a half with this face:

“Bruh what happened?”

Sangha: meanwhile... Aloha, Dok2~ Please explain why you seem to always wear matching coloured outfits.

Ranya: Swings respect people who use ableist slurs and curse??? What???

CJamm vs. Giriboy

Producers freak out after seeing the next contestants. Next up are the two Just Music rappers, CJamm and Giriboy. They were forced to go against each other because they were the last two contestants left.

Sangha: This is the main issue with the third rounds - you give people the chance to choose, and they end up picking whoever they think is easy. I personally want to see both of them move on but can that happen now??? I guess we’ll find out…

Ranya: Tablo: “I’ll hear his name more often in the future” and so will we, dear listeners...from Tablo.

Sangha: Also. Dok2 you better watch out, CJamm is bringing some serious snapback balancing game to the table:

CJamm and Giriboy both put on a solid performance, and eventually they draw, as each get equal number of votes from the producers. They have to do a freestyle rebattle. After the second performance, CJamm is victorious. Swings sheds some tears. Tablo is also bummed out because his Giriboy didn’t make it.

Sangha: Swings why you crying? Meanwhile, The Quiett is so funny, I am so glad he is on this show with his quiet voice. When Dok2 asks him when was the last time he cried, The Quiett quietly answers, “probably when I was born.”

Ranya: Swings’ tears of hopelessness and despair during a rap battle where they keep dropping his name, is one of the iconic moments that will make this show go down in television history.

Sangha: All the while, Tablo is lusting after Giriboy. He is so sad that Giriboy didn’t make the cut. Oh Giriboy. Wassup Giriboy. And Giriboy or BBboy? That boy is so pale he looks like he put on the wrong shade of BB cream. Is Swings not letting him see sunlight? Is he even feeding him? No wonder he seems to hate Swings. After the intense battle Giriboy says “Who is Swings? I don’t know him.”

Sangha: You okay there, Giriboy? You're looking kinda pale.

Ranya: Maybe now we can finally get a Giriboy track without Swings in it. (Giriboy let Tablo love you until you learn how to love yourself.)

Park Man Su vs. Lee Ki Hyun

Park Man Su picks Lee Ki Hyun as his opponent because he finds him annoying. Apparently many other contestants feel the same, as they say that they would’ve picked Lee Ki Hyun as well. They all say that he talks too much. I could totally say the same for San E. Previously, Lee Ki Hyun moved on thanks to Hip-Hop Saviour YDG, who was the only one who passed him onto this round.

Sangha: People be haaaatin’. I don’t even remember this Park Man Su guy from earlier (was he ever shown?) but he looks like an ugly version of Simon Dominic.

Ranya: Why are both these guys so dead in the eyes? I love how Lee Ki Hyun tries to knock down on Man Su’s rapping style and ending it with “I do it too” like????? And he really needs to stop talking if even the judges are bullying him for it.

Once they start rapping, both rappers miss their beat. Lee Ki Hyun asks halfway through if he can start over. (This is going to be a recurring theme during the 1:1 battle rounds.) Park Man Su also misses his beat and keeps looking at the ceiling while rapping.

Sangha: This sucked so bad hahaha I loved it!

Ranya: Show me the 3rd grade recital.

Producers comment how it’s difficult to pick someone because they were both terrible. Park Man Su manages to pass onto the next round. Lee Ki Hyun threatens other contestants who talked shit about him as he says, “I’m gonna see how far all of you get. Watch your back at night.”

Sangha: Show Me the Maaaaaaaad

Hip-Hop Saviour YDG

Next two battles feature two contestants who managed to pass thanks to YDG. We’ll soon get to see how both of them fare. Will YDG prove that he’s onto something here?

Sangha: O, mysterious one, what are you plotting? 

Kim Young Shin vs. Lee Deok Hoon

Kim Young Shin, one of YDG’s charity projects, puts on a surprisingly good performance, and Masta Wu is thoroughly impressed. He passes on. YDG is a happy papa.

Ranya: Masta Wu is still a YDG hater tho.

Hyun Jae Kwang vs. Jung Sang Soo

Now it’s time for Jung Sang Soo - the unfortunate man who dropped the n-bomb in the last episode. He seems much more reserved this time around.

Sangha: So apparently this guy majored in  music theory in university. Totally didn’t see that coming. What if he is YDG’s secret social experiment?

Ranya: With a laugh to rival San E’s.

Jung Sang Soo doesn't make any mistakes during his performance. Meanwhile, his opponent Hyun Jae Kwang constantly messes up, but Jung Sang Soo, who managed to memorize his opponent’s lyrics, continues to back him up.

Sangha: Oh I am SO convinced that this man is part of YDG’s art film project. What deep lyrics. Not gonna lie, I was so impressed by his lyrics. Also he even managed to memorize Hyun Jae Kwang’s lines too? Who is this man?

Ranya: He sounded so pro here??? The tru Joaquin Phoenix.

Sangha: He also posted on his official facebook page that he’s on the market for a girlfriend oh my god… I am so convinced that this is all a setup.

Ranya: “You matched your sunglasses with your shirt, right?” Dok2 please explain why you haven’t taken him under your wing yet.

Sangha: Dok2 has an eye for matching clothes. 

B.I vs. Jin Joon Hyun

B.I picks Jin Joon Hyun without ever hearing the other rap, just because he doesn’t like his personality. During their performance, B.I forgets most of his rap and ends up mumbling through most of his lines. Jin Joon Hyun does slightly better but he also makes multiple mistakes.

Ranya: Jin Joo Hyun takes the chance and chills for a little while on YDG’s sofa before the battle.

Sangha: this is so bad, so embarrassing. Also Bobby sitting outside listening in is so hilarious to me. Bobby, did you just really say “B.I will pass on, right?”


B.I is eliminated. He is shocked and ends up crying. Tablo and Masta Wu say that they hope that he doesn’t get kicked out of YG.

Sangha: This shot is golden:

Sangha: 1) why the hell is he so devastated? Did he not see that coming? B.I’s performance sucked. 2) what is the deal with his pants? 3) what is this artistic angle? Did the cameraman get on his stomach so he could accurately portray Bobby’s despair? That low-angle shot with the SMTM snapback in the foreground...

Ranya: My favourite shot is this one:

Ranya: Say something I’m giving up on you...

Yook Ji Dam vs. Jung Min Kyu

It’s time for the female high school rapper, Yook Ji Dam. Unfortunately, despite the producers’ high expectations, Yook Ji Dam forgets her lines (another recurring pattern in this episode). She ends up interrupting Jung Min Kyu during his rap and continues to show her performance.

Sangha: Yook Ji Dam: “one two three, one two three, one two three four…” five, damn it, five!

Ranya: Dok2 please explain math to this girl.

Sangha: I cannot believe she just hijacked Jung Min Kyu’s performance right in the middle. Not cool.

Ranya: Judges are in awe of the terrible.

Swings says that this was the worst performance so far. Yook Ji Dam asks if they can try again (again.) Her request is denied, but nonetheless, she moves on. Swings call her lazy, despite having potential.

Everyone Sucks

Many more contestants forget their lyrics and many ask for another chance. Swings continues to say “that was the worst” multiple times.

Sangha: I am wondering what exactly was THE worst? This is cringe-worthy but I’m enjoying this a lot.

Ranya: “Can I say something? I’m a winner!” [YDG cringing]

Kisum vs. Park Joo Hyun

The “two prettiest contestants” are up against each other. However, both fail to impress the producers as both forget their lyrics. Swings criticizes them harshly, even telling Kisum, “stop caring about your looks and care about your rap”.

Sangha: Ouch.

Ranya: Ok, but the only one always caring about her looks are the judges????

Snacky Chan vs. Choi Jae Sung

Korean-American rapper Snacky Chan is up against Choi Jae Sung, a timid man we didn’t get to see much of. Choi Jae Sung struggles to prepare for the battle as Snacky Chan refuses to let him listen to his verses. Snacky Chan calls this “war”.

Sangha: Dok2, please explain, why do people take this show so seriously?

Sangha: Also - This show is chock full of amazing shots, it’s unbelievable. It’s an art form of its own, I say. Look at this camerawork! Look at Snacky Chan’s expression!

Sangha: Incredible.

Snacky Chan pulls off an impressive performance while Choi Jae Sung continues to struggle. A man full of struggles today, Choi Jae Sung.

Ranya: He came, he took a nap, he passed.

Vasco vs. Shim Hyun Bo

Vasco plays dirty and chooses Shim Hyun Bo, one of the worst rappers to make the cut. Seobbie’s dad is smiles all-around, as Shim Hyun Bo doesn’t do so well.

Sangha: What a fucking surprise, Vasco moves on. I love how Shim Hyun Bo is so nonchalant about this whole thing though. He says “at least I’m guaranteed screentime,” and when the producers ask him what he thought when Vasco chose him, he says “I’m fucked.”

Ranya: I love how versatile Shim Hyun Bo is! He’s portrayed so many rapping style, having this round adopted the one of Shy Ronnie. Also, it’s only episode 3 but I am ready to smother San E.

Sangha: Everything about San E is so annoying to me, I can't stand him. 

YDG is a sad papa this time, as he is the one who salvaged Shim Hyun Bo. He checks up on his childling after, however, and tells him that it’s okay.

Kim Chul Bum vs. Cha Main

The two male high school rappers against each other. They both put on a great performance, and the producers say that it’s unfair that they had to compete. Ultimately, Cha Main moves on.

Sangha: They were both so good! Seriously, while other, older, more experienced rappers kept messing up and put on mediocre performances, these two youngins rocked it hard. Really impressed by their lyrics too, man! What a bummer that Kim Chul Bum couldn’t move on, I really liked that kid.

Ranya: These two kids just took the other contestants to SCHOOL! so sad a bunch of shit passed through and one of them had to be cut. [Dok2 voice] Turn up.

Dok2 is moved by Cha Main’s smile and asks him if he could take a picture of his smile with his phone later.

Sangha: Dok2 please explain, you are probably just a big softie at heart, aren’t you?

Ranya: Tablo and Giriboy, you have competition.

J.Slow vs. Iron

J.Slow and Iron put on a stage full of energy and all the producers get really into it. Iron moves on, and J.Slow looks like he’s not very disappointed, perhaps because of how great that stage was for both of them.

Sangha: Nice one! And man, Iron was good, such a great flow! And that energy, I was really impressed.

Ranya: I liked this performance even though I wasn’t as happy with J.Slow’s style! Iron has potential and great flow!

Tarae vs. Kim Hyo Eun

Tarae chooses Kim Hyo Eun as his opponent as he thinks Kim Hyo Eun is the weakest contestant. Kim Hyo Eun forgets part of his verse during the performance but manages to carry on, impressing the producers. Tarae puts on a solid performance. They come to a draw, and they rebattle. Kim Hyo Eun performs better this time, and Tarae also smoothly pulls it off.

Ranya: Tarae shows some real mean girl tactics by writing lists during the solo eliminations.

Sangha: Wait! Did you guys see?! Did you guys see that one second of Born Kim when Tarae asks Born hyung to step aside a little bit so he can pick out Kim Hyo Eun???

Sangha: Born hyung, looking good! Turn up! Anyway, coming back to the performance. I wasn’t impressed by either of them but I am actually really digging Kim Hyo Eun’s voice, it’s really low and charming.

The producers choose Kim Hyo Eun as the winner of this round. Masta Wu says that despite his mistakes, Hyo Eun had a great flow. Tablo describes his rap as “raw”. Tarae, visibly upset, walks out while Tablo’s talking. The producers are taken aback. When the staff catches up to Tarae, he says, “this was a show to pick out people with potential. I was mistaken.” And he exits with a bang as he says, “have a good life”. Swings, largely unimpressed, refutes back with, “work on your rap first, because your rap sucks.”

Sangha: Ohhhhhh. drama drama. Best part of SMTM. Seriously this is turning into a makjang reality show with each episode. Apparently Tarae says they edited the show weird and he didn’t actually walk out of the set while Tablo’s talking, but who knows what’s true? Dok2, please explain, what is reality and what is fiction on this show?

Ranya: This season is literally such a trainwreck that I’m struck speechless every two minutes. Happy for Kim Hyo Eun tho, good voice even if his rap was a bit shaky to me.

Bunch of Contestants Pass but You Don’t Get to See it Because Mnet Doesn’t Give a Shit

We’ll never know who some of these brave souls are. 23 contestants make it to the next round, which we will get to see on the next [Swings booming voice] EXCITING episode of SHOW ME THE MONEY 3!

Sangha: queue San E’s annoying laughter here.

Ranya: Turn up.

Episode Highlights

  • the two teenage rappers. great stuff.
  • I am convinced that Jung Sang Soo is YDG’s art experiment. 
  • Snacky Chan. Or Jesus Chan? 
  • Swings crying, The-”Last time I cried was at birth” Quiett 
  • Bobby’s despair, portrayed so artfully thanks to the phenomenal cameramen staff of SMTM3 
  • Swing’s tears of despair as a rap battle happens in the foreground
  • Bobby reacting to people’s mistakes like he can hear a sad lone cello playing in his head.
  • Snacky Chan takes a nap.
  • Born Kim the elusive rap artiste.
Sangha: Dude, Born Kim didn't even make it to the next rounds. I guess I should be glad that the show didn't publicly shame him on tv. Whatever. I got you, Born Kim, I got you. 

Once again, sorry for the late update! Feel free to grill us to hurry up below in the comments. 


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