Sunday, July 27, 2014

[Recap] Show Me The Money 3 Episode 1

Mnet’s notorious hip-hop show Show Me The Money has returned with season 3, boasting a star-studded producer line-up. After the first season that seemed to focus on finding new stars and the second season that seemed more occupied with rediscovering known talents, the details of how season three will go still seem unclear. Although hesitant to watch this series after being largely unimpressed by the first few episodes of Show Me The Money 2, I nonetheless decided to give this season a go. And boy, am I glad! Show Me The Money 3 is already proving to be the best season yet, with so much unbelievable shit and drama. The first few episodes were so fucking good, I’ve decided to start a recap series so I could have a chance to talk about how hilariously awesome SMTM3 is turning out to be.

To help me Olltii-smirk my way through recapping the show, I’ve asked my dear friend Ranya (@itsRanya) to join me in this madness. Since we're behind, we'll try our best to catch up as soon as possible. But for now - and I’m saying this wholly ironically here - leggo!