Friday, February 7, 2014

Chicken Broadcast!

This Saturday (Feb 8... tomorrow!) I will be kicking off a weekly 2-hour radio show on my college’s internet radio (8pm-10pm CST / 6pm-8pm PST / 9pm-11pm EST; Sunday 11am-1pm KST,  for other time zones please check google!). It’ll be all about Korean music, and it’s called Chicken Broadcast. Although I say ‘Korean music’ it’ll mostly be the non-mainstream music, mainly music from the Korean indie scene, with some hip-hop. But I’ll be casually venturing into mainstream from time to time. I’m actually planning on having a theme every week - the first show this week will be all about my favourite korean indie songs. Next week I’ll play sad love songs (because valentine’s and all). Hip-hop special is a thing I’m already working on, along with a Korean cinema/soundtrack special and a girl group special too! I really want this to be an interactive thing - I’ll be taking song requests and I could definitely do shout-outs or answer any questions on air.

Every week I'll post something after the show with some blurbs about how the show went, why I played certain songs, etc. but most of the updates and questions/song requests will be over at the program twitter here. If you don't have a twitter but still want to request songs or have something to say in more than 140 characters, feel free to shoot me an e-mail via: chickenbroadcast[at]!

In short -

  • tune in here on Saturdays 8-10pm CST (6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST/ Sun 11am-1pm KST etc.) when you have nothing better to do or need some great background music/noise. 
  • follow/tweet @radiochicken for updates on the show, foodporn chicken pics, to send song requests, ask questions during the show, etc. 
  • you can also reach me regarding the show via e-mail (chickenbroadcast[at]