Monday, November 4, 2013

[mixtape liner notes] an introduction.

Hi stranger, it's been a while, hasn't it? But no worries. I've been thinking some more about this little space and I have some neat things I want to do with it that I'm excited to carry out. Everything, like always, is still up in the air but here's the first tentative step.

So this is a new corner of the blog: mixtape liner notes. If you follow me on other social media platforms you may be familiar already, but I love making mixtapes, and I am constantly making them. By mixtapes I mean playlists of songs created by other artists. I post my mixtapes on 8tracks, which is a pretty cool site that I've really come to adore. (My profile on 8tracks is here!)

Well, what I've realized is that most of my mixes have cohesive themes. Sometimes one song will inspire me to start a mix, and sometimes I will have a theme for a mix and compile songs with that theme. But the point is, I always want to talk more in detail about these mixes I create, to explain why I picked each song, because I (try to) put a lot of thinking into why each song is on that certain mix.

Hence this new series. The series is aptly titled I think, because these blurbs I spill on this blog will serve as liner notes of sort for mixes I create, and hopefully provide a space for me to talk in detail about my mixtapes. Today I'm going to start with my most recent mix, but I really want to revisit some of my previous mixtapes as well, so expect more posts for this series in the future!

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