Sunday, September 15, 2013

summer album haul.

All the albums I manage to haul over the summer while I was in Korea! I haven't even had the chance to listen to all of them. It's sort of sad because I didn't even get to buy all the albums I meant to buy because I kept buying albums on a whim whenever I went to a show... and by the end of summer I didn't have enough money to buy the albums that  were actually on my to-buy list. Oh well. I'll probably have another album haul some time near Christmas...

From top to bottom, left to right:
First row: Nell - Escaping Gravity | Kumca - ShuShu | Broken Valentine - Aluminum | Johann Electric Bach - Zynthar | Loro's - Pax | Sultan of the Disco - The Golden Age
Second row: Fantastic Drugstore - Dance With Me | Galaxy Express - Galaxy Express | Broken Valentine - Shade | Rubystar - Invitation | Black Bag - Beyond The Sky | Vodka Rain - Flavor
Third row: Mongoose - Girlfriend | Brian Cho - My Feet Don't Touch The Ground (And I'm So Winded I Can't Sing For You Today) | Ju Yoon Ha - On The Way Home | Broccoli You Too - Cruel April Demo | Blues, The Compilation | The Lads  - 청춘 
Fourth row: Jung Cha Sik - 격동하는 현재사 | Band Sae - Spinny | Telefly - Ultimate Psychedelic | Glen Check - Haute Couture | Jung Jae Il - Incendies | 3rd Line Butterfly - Nine Days Or A Million
Fifth row: Danpyunsun - Virgin | Seedless Watermelon Kim Dae Joong - Seedless Watermelon | Telefly - Avalokitesvara | Thornapple - 나는 자꾸 말을 더듬고 잠드는  법도 잊었네 | Asian Chairshot - Mask | Dear Cloud - Bright Lights 

Both Broken Valentine albums and the Thornapple album are autographed! The Thornapple album is my baby, I'm so glad I had the chance to get it autographed from them. Eleven albums from above were released this year and some may make it onto my best of 2013 list at the end of the year, there are some real gems. I believe the first Broken Valentine album, the Vodka Rain album, Jung Jae Il album and the 3rd Line Butterfly album are out of print so I guess I'm lucky to have come across them. I actually had to hunt down the Jung Jae Il album, thank god the one bookstore that had it was close to where I was staying...

Monday, September 2, 2013


It's currently nearing 5am on a Sunday night and I had a sudden urge to blog so I got out of bed and took some shitty pictures with my phone.

I could go on talking about how I haven't updated in so long because I was busy, there were other things going on, blah blah blah, but all of that I've said countless times before, for other blogs and other projects. I should apologize to certain individuals though, who requested album reviews, or interviews, or whatever, because I've completely ignored that too. Maybe I'll get to them, maybe I won't, I don't know. But I apologize. 

I've thought about it a lot in the last few months, on why I was shying away from writing on this blog and I realized that this particular blog has turned into something very different than what I've expected when I initially started it. 

Strange Seasons started out as a strictly personal blog, an extension of my tumblr, where I could blab on freely about all sorts of things ranging from deeply personal things to opinion pieces more relevant to a broader audience. But in the last few posts I've started to really funnel this into one specific area, and I never meant to do that. Before long, I was in too deep, engrossed in something that I didn't quite completely understand. That really embarrassed me, I was becoming more self-conscious of what I was saying, and I guess that started to take a toll. 

So I guess in a way I'm starting again. I won't delete the blog or its content or anything, but hopefully, if things go according to plan, the type of posts I make on here will be more varied from now on. Regardless of what people may expect or want, I plan on only blogging about things I want to blog about. 

Meanwhile, I don't know what kind of people visit this blog and I'm pretty sure most just stumble across it and never return, but just in case anybody is interested, here is my instagram, which I update more often. 

Now onto those crappy pictures I just took. (Thank god for smartphones.) 

Just finished reading
Mysterious Skin by Scott Heim.
The movie is one of my favourite movies ever (although it makes me feel guilty whenever I say it, due to the subject matter) and the book was also a great - albeit heart-breaking - experience. This story really hurts. This is a fictional story - but it's probably reality to many, somewhere out there. And that really hurts me. 

Currently on repeat: 
Asian Chairshot - 탈춤 (Mask Dance) 
I started writing an album review for this magnificent EP but I was stuck on the first line. I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll figure it out and post that review, maybe I'll never figure it out and it won't see the light of the day. But this, this. Such great sounds. Must listen. 

Also: the illustration for the album isn't my favourite (a bit too grotesque for my tastes, although it does suit their sound), but I loved the calligraphy for the credits. 

The quality of pictures are horrendous but I was too lazy (as always) to get out my DSLR. Oh, by the way, I have a new DSLR. Since investing in it I've made it my goal to blog more often. We'll see about that though.