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[translation] Interview with Nell for Paper magazine June 2012

Decided to post it here because there's a lot of text and it'd be easier to read it here (and easier to format for me, too). This interview was so long! 6 page spread, but when I was typing it out on Word it was 10 pages. Yikes. It took me almost three hours to translate and edit, but it was worthwhile because this interview needs to get out there. There are so many memorable moments in this interview, and you really see their personalities behind each word they say. Highly, highly recommended read for all Nell fans.
I fixed the formatting mistakes that were present in the interview (such as wrong line breaks, typos on names), and the bracketed question mark that might appear is not mine but the interviewer's. Anything in brackets are from the original article, any awkward "haha"s and "bahahahaha"s were originally in the interview as well. Please do let me know if there's any mistakes or parts that are vague.
Credits and rules or whatnot are at the very end! :) Enjoy.

It's been 4 years since we last saw Nell on stage. The absence after the members enrolled for their military service in 2008 was unexpectedly long; even the die-hard fans were forced to wait for a long period of time. And this April, just the way we remembered them, Nell came back with sad but heartwarming, lonely but beautiful music. Now their ages starts with a 3 and not a 2, and faced with such a change, Nell seems to see "the things that slip away and disappear with time". Their fifth album "Slip Away" still walks in memories like their previous songs. But the Nell we met in person was not a band that dwelled in the past. Members Kim Jongwan (vocal), Lee Jaekyung (guitar), Jung Jaewon (drum) and Lee Junghoon (bass), all born in 1980, had a great sense of humour and the whole interview was fun and even a bit racy (?). Although they dominate the stage with their seriousness, in person they were willing to sacrifice their integrity for a joke, and from the get-go we could see that they led a very fascinating lifestyle.

Shall we start with the good things? What's the most recent thing that made you happy?
Everyone: Performing!
Jongwan: I love how full of energy concerts are. There's the energy that we emit, but the energy we get from the audience is even greater. After the concert we're always burned out, but we don't realize that during the performance. Thanks to that energy. And the foot massages are the best.

Foot massages?
Jongwan: There were masseurs before the concert.
Jaewon: They were invited.

The company must be really considerate!
Junghoon: We demand it, haha.

Do you normally get foot massages?
Jongwan: I sometimes get them. I don't go as often now but I used to go frequently. Sport massages!

You don't get any facial treatment?
Everyone: Oh, never!
Jongwan: It's not "Do you get any facial treatment?" but "You don't get any facial treatment"
Jaewon: She saw our faces and assumed that we didn't get any.
Everyone: hahahaha.

4 years ago, Jaekyung has said that "when 4 of us meet again, I hope we have all upgraded musically and emotionally". So? Do you think everyone has "upgraded"?
Jongwan: Everyone matured except Jaekyung.
Jaekyung: I did too. I became taller. (laughs)
Jaewon: We might have developed musically, but I'm not sure about our personalities.
Jongwan: I think we all just matured naturally. There was a lot to think about when we crossed over from the 20's to 30's. There are things that became simpler, too. I realized that I couldn't do everything the way I wanted. For example, people and relationships. I used to become really attached to that, but now it's more of the "people go and people come" attitude.

Is there a big disparity between the reaction you expected while you were preparing the album and the actual reaction?
Jaewon: We don't prepare expecting a certain reaction, but I do think they like the album as much as we expected.
Jaekyung: It's great. These are songs that we shared amongst ourselves for years. It's amazing how so many people get to hear them, all at once. Now they're not under our control. I find that pleasing but also strange.

I feel like there must be things that become easier and things that become harder with more albums you release.
Jaewon: Nothing becomes easier. Things that seemed easy become hard and things that were difficult are still difficult.
Jaekyung: It's because things become clearer as time goes on. What a good sound is, what a useless sound is, what needs to be there for certain type of music... it's easier to hear those things now.
Jongwan:  Once you start to know what you want, it becomes harder. When you don't have a direction it doesn't matter what you do. But when you have a certain goal, it's hard to go any other way about it, and you become stressed. That's why this fifth album took so long.

(As the food they ordered comes out, Nell's members get busier) Do you guys have any food that you don't eat?
Jongwan: We eat everything. TV show that I really want to go on is "Food Lover Road". (Laughs)

Do you guys see each other often when you are not making music?
Jaekyung: Yes. We are originally neighbourhood friends (from near Songpagu Olympic Park) so we see each other often when we are not working. Not just us, but with people we are friends with as well. Jaewon and I were in the same class throughout elementary, middle and high school, and Jongwan and I were in the same class in middle school. Junghoon is a high school friend, but everyone became friends later.

Which members has become the slyest since childhood?
Jongwan: Junghoon.
Junghoon: I think I was pretty cheeky when I was little, too. It just took them a while to become closer to me so they probably didn't notice. People used to tell me a lot that I was a good kid. (Laughs)
Jaewon: How long did we take to become friends? 6 months?
Junghoon: The first one or two years I was really stressed out because it was really awkward. It was worse when I had to see their other friends too. When I went over to their neighbourhood I had to see everyone they've known since primary school. Now I've become good friends with them too, but back then there was no room for me. When they met they always talked about their shared experiences, so I couldn't say anything.

Where did Junghoon live back then?
Junghoon: The neighbourhood beside. It's in the same area but I lived near the Gaerong Station. These guys lived near Bangyi Station. It's only two stations away but there was a big gap.

You must have had Gaerong friends but why did you insist on Bangyi.... 
Jaekyung: He was swept away by the mainstream. We had more people. Even the head manager at our company is best friends with our friends.
Jongwan: It's a fascinating neighbourhood.
Jaekyung: You can't escape it once you're in.

Oh~ you have to invite me one of these days.
Jongwan: You'll either love it or really hate it.

Why would I hate it?
Jongwan: We talk a lot about useless things.
Junghoon: Useless and harsh.
Jaewon: Uselessly hating on serious things.
Jaekyung: We hate things that are not funny too. One time a friend joked about something not funny and he wasn't included in our circle for 5 years after that.
Everyone: hahaha.

What do such friends say about Nell's serious (?) music?
Jongwan: There are about 15 of us, and most of us did music. There's another 4-member band, just like us. That kid who we didn't include for 5 years because he was not funny is also a musician. Now they are all doing other things but when we talk about music we are very serious.
Jaewon: We're only serious when we talk about music.

Who has a great sense of humour?
Jaewon: Everyone's funny. We all have our own humour styles. Jongwan's humour is hard to get at first. You only laugh once you become friends with him.
Junghoon: It's a double-edged sword. It could be really hilarious, but to someone else...
Jongwan: it doesn't make sense.
Jaewon: Junghoon's usually quiet but he'll throw something at you from time to time. In a sort of back-stabbing way.
Junghoon: My humour needs a victim.
Jaewon: Jaekyung makes people laugh with his gestures and expressions.
Jaekyung: I have facial expressions that can make everyone in the world laugh.
Jaewon: I saw that expression for the first time when I was in grade 5, and it's still funny. One time he told me that he would show me 10 stages of funny faces, and asked me to try and not laugh. If I could hold back for all 10 stages, he'd grant me a wish. I tried my best but only lasted until stage 3.

Show us that face!
Junghoon: He'll never show it to you!
Jaekyung: I only show it to guys. It will pop up in your head every once in a while, even when you're sleeping.

Then Jongwan, can you describe that face with lyrics?
Jongwan: It's like shit!
Everyone: bahahahahaha.
Jaewon: Sometimes Jaekyung seems insane. Once two of us came to Seoul from Busan on a KTX [train], and we were bored so we decided to do a breathing contest. I gave up after one minute, but Jaekyung tried until his face turned red, as if his life depended on it. I think he lasted 3 minutes? This bastard's really crazy, I realized then.

That's just another side of Jaekyung. I'm sure the other members have a surprising side to them too. Aren't you ever surprised because of each other?
Jongwan: I'm always surprised whenever Jaewon is really nice to ladies.
Junghoon: I'm surprised when Jaewon says something intellectual and logical.
Everyone: hahaha.
Jongwan: Jaewon's a very light-hearted, goofy type. Whether there are girls present or not. But sometimes he'd be very gentle and polite. He suddenly becomes possessed by Sting.
Jaewon: A natural gentleman, that's who I am.

Jaekyung seems to be a real ladies' man. I was impressed when you put the napkin in front of me.
Jaewon: His manners are good. But ultimately he never gets to meet a lot of women.
Jaekyung: What are you saying. I meet a lot of women! After midnight.
Everyone: hahaha.
Jongwan: He probably meets the most women among all of us.
Junghoon: Women like Jaekyung a lot, too.
Jongwan: But I don't think he likes relationships very much.
Jaewon: free man.

Do you hate commitment, or have you just not found someone you want to be committed to?
Jaekyung: relationships, they're nice. But they are also equally bad. I'm a single-minded person so it's not good for the opposite side as well. In the current situation, even if we do date it'll just be superficial. I can't stand that. Just going to the theatre, just eating dinner, having to talk seriously even when we don't have to, I don't like things like that. And when you're in a relationship you lose that time to think on your own. It's tiring to try to explain myself when I receive a call while I'm working on music.
Jongwan: That's how everything works though. My love-life has never distracted me from music. If they ask me, "do you like me better or music better?" My answer’s always the same. "I like music better. So if you aren't happy with that, you can go." We'd fight, and then break up. (Laughs) But Jaekyung is really nice to his girlfriends, even when he said all that. He changes completely. Guys could go drinking, but when Jaekyung is in a relationship he won't even go to another gathering where other women might be present.
Jaekyung: It could be that we fight because I'm too nice. I'm just not interested right now. Even when someone approaches me first, I don't think I'll date them. Ah, Junghoon told me not to say things so determined.
Junghoon: When you are determined on something, it happens. I heard it before from someone.... Jongwan, did you tell me this?
Jongwan: Yeah. I read a book called "Buddhist Monk's Message", and the reason why kids with divorced parents are more likely to get divorced is because they're constantly telling themselves that they will never get divorced. Such mindset is the root of the problem. Other people don't even think about such things when they get married.

Are there any specific type of person you'd like to see certain members marry?
Jongwan: a faithful and good wife for Jaekyung! Someone nicer than Jaekyung. For Junghoon, a fun person would be more suitable. Someone who can make him laugh.
Jaewon: Jongwan needs someone who's like a sponge. Someone who can deal with everything! (Laughs)
Jongwan: Good! I like people like that! (To the manager) hey, get me some sponge.
Everyone: hahaha.
Jongwan: But I can't meet someone like that for long. It's not fun. I also say that "nice girls are the best", but when you look at everyone I've met, they were all individualistic. Types that has their own charm but are hard to have a relationship with. They probably thought I was the same. When we fought, we really fought, and when it was nice it was really nice.

And Jaewon...
Everyone: (silence)
Jongwan: Damn. She didn't even ask if he was married. (Laughs)

Haha. I'll ask a different question now. What do you think is the most important thing when you're getting married? I'll also give you options. 1) Money 2) Health 3) Compatibility 4) Other.
Jaewon: Other?
Everyone: no. It's health. Even when you have money it's no use when you're sick.
Jaewon: (agrees immediately) True. I'll pick number 2, health. Haha.

What were you thinking for "Other"?
Jaewon: Love. Love.

If you had a precious little sister and if she had to marry a Nell member, who would you allow?
Jaewon: Junghoon.
Junghoon: (without hesitation) You'll regret it.
Everyone: hahaha.
Jaewon: Junghoon will less likely be to 'annoying' when he comes home drunk.
Jaekyung: I really like my friends. But I don't think I'll let my sister marry any of them. Hahaha.
Jongwan: Same. They're good friends, but I know their weaknesses too well.

Jongwan, you lived abroad a lot when you were young.
Jongwan: I lived in Bahrain, Canada and Switzerland. I left Korea in grade 1 and returned in grade 6, and left again the third year of middle school and came back for the last year of high school. I met these guys in middle school, but we became closer in the last year of high school. When I came back to Korea I was in a band. Jaekyung and Jaewon were also in a different band. I saw them practice once, and they were very rigid. (Laughs) So I saved them.
Jaekyung:That was during festival season. I went to the rehearsal room to practice, and met Jongwan's team who just finished up. Jongwan said he wanted to see us play.
Jongwan: I've had heard that Jaekyung was really good on guitar. I was curious but it was really depressing when I actually got to witness it. (Laughs)
Jaekyung: Jongwan literally watched us play with his chin in his hand. And then he left. He just disappeared at some point.
Jongwan: I couldn't last 10 minutes.
Jaekyung: After that Jaewon said "Ah, shit I'm pissed!". He was disappointed that he didn't get to show off his skills, and angry that Jongwan just left. It was a really depressing situation, but really funny.
Jongwan: When I think about it now, it's funnier. We were 18 and we were measuring each other up in that small rehearsal room. It's an amusing memory. (Laughs)

You said it was a depressing stage, but you still asked them to do music together?
Jongwan: You see, it was because they were doing music that didn't fit them. They had skills; they were just wearing the wrong clothes. So when I made the team I made Jaekyung play the guitar. One week later I made Jaewon play the drums, and a month or two later Junghoon joined us and Nell was formed. And when you're drinking together you can learn each other's thoughts. It's silly when you think about it now but we used to have a cool attitude. Then, when you go to club gigs, most bands played cover songs. Because people liked that better. But we seldom did covers. And every member thought that was the right thing to do for us. We fit well together like that.
Jaewon: The club scene was growing then, and the bands that were good at covers were popular. Depending on what you were covering, the crowd was there. So we were really not popular.

Even without popularity, you must have had pride in your original songs.
Jaekyung: Not really. We were just making music because it was fun. Only now we can say that it was something worth being proud of. You know how some musicians are asked "do you know the rock bottom of music?” we know what rock bottom is.
Jongwan: There's probably not another band that knows rock bottom better than us. We performed about 7 times a week, but we had maybe 10 people in total in the audience. We played like that for a year. But it was exciting. Now you have rock festivals and clubs with 500-600 seats, but then most of the clubs' capacity was around 30 people.
Junghoon: When 100 people showed up it was like "really? No kidding!"

Which bands were popular at that time?
Junghoon: Dr. Core 911. Crying Nut has been popular for a while even before then.
Jaekyung: What's sad is that there were so many bands that started out around the same time as us, but very few of them are still around now.
Jongwan: There's Pia. We first saw them in 2000? They're still doing well, but other than Pia they're all gone.

Speaking of Pia, they're on Top Band 2, along with many other bands. You must feel a lot of things when you are watching the show.
Jongwan: I really don't watch TV but I’m keeping up with that show. It's really touching. Never before were so many bands introduced on a major broadcasting channel. I hope it does well and introduce band music to bigger audiences. But superficial interest is dangerous. I've seen too many bands that are forgotten after gaining interest with something other than music. In that case, the damage to the band is immense. I hope the bands appeal to the audience with their music on the show, and not anything else.

You must meet a lot of foreign musicians when you are making music. How do they perceive the Korean music market?
Junghoon: I'm not sure about bands, but the mainstream music is well-received abroad. Compared to before, idol and pop stars are more skilled. They're also produced really well.
Jongwan: I have a friend in Philadelphia who's producing music. I talked to him recently and he told me that Korea was the big thing now. I asked him why, and he told me that famous American composers and producers are coming to Korea to sign deals. There's more money involved in Korea than US now, so they're trying to make money in Korea. I heard that and I felt good. Before it was always us going out. (Laugh)

Any plans on advancing to the Japanese market?
Jongwan: We're talking about it. We don't like to just dip our toes and leave. We're trying to be serious about it so there's a lot to prepare. And their management system is very different from ours so we have to talk about that too. We also have to decide whether to sing in Korean or English. We're talking about a lot of things.
Junghoon: We're not dead set on Japan. We just want more places where we can perform. Whether that be Korea or Japan or any other country.
Jongwan: We just want to perform in a better environment. Like how people want to live in nice houses, we want to perform at a place with good sound system and a skilled staff team. I think that's more of a hope as a musician.

I heard that "Slip Away" holds the meaning of "the things we want to hold onto slip away more easily". The world is always changing; is there anything you wish would never change?
Jaekyung: the passion for music. and inspiration.
Junghoon: us four. I hope the relationship between us four never changes.
Jaewon: Me too, us four. And our attitude towards music.
Jongwan: I hope that the old things will never change. People now have the tendency to mistake old things for being out-dated. Old things have their own beauty, and they have their values because they're old, but people are always changing them with newer things and it's really sad. I hope things already in their places remain where they are. Whether that be a building, music, art, or people.

Can you guys now take a moment to ask questions amongst yourselves?
Jaewon: What's something that you hate doing as Nell?
Jongwan: Something I realized now, but taking pictures for magazines.
Jaekyung: Jumping pictures. Or where they make us lie down with our heads together. Ugh.
Junghoon: Now you mention it, I hate that the most too? Nothing else in particular comes to mind. There are things that I dislike, but there isn’t anything that I hate with a passion.
Jaekyung: Because everything is for our band.

Anything you want to ask the members, Junghoon?
Junghoon: Is there anything else you want to do other than music?
Jaewon: Study English. We went to New York when we were working on this album, and I felt so self-conscious because I was so bad at English.
Jaekyung: I couldn't say anything either. Studying English and Japanese for me, as well. There are so many music magazines abroad and many articles where pros talk about their methods and tips. Sometimes Jongwan will read them and let us know, but when I'm trying to find stuff on my own, I get stuck. Everything's in English so it's frustrating. So I want to study foreign languages.

Junghoon, who asked the question - what do you want to do this year?
Junghoon: I don't think I'll have the time to do anything else than music.
Everyone: hahahaha.
Jaewon: he backstabs us like this.

Anything you want to ask, Jaekyung?
Jaekyung: What are you going to do after this interview?
Jaewon: Go home.
Jongwan: I want to go camping. I've heard that it's the perfect weather these days to camp and BBQ. It's been too long since we went on a trip. I want to go right now. Tomorrow's schedule? We could go today and come back tomorrow, no big deal. (Laughs)

A memorable trip?
Jongwan: Were we 23? Us four and another friend went to Gangreung. It was the university orientation season so in the building we were staying there were a lot of university students. We were having a great time but early in the morning we ran out of booze. And I wanted to drink more. So I decided to try to go ask the university students. But everyone was passed out. So I woke them up. "Hey, wake up", I said.
Jaewon: During orientation you don't really know people well so he pretended he was in their class.
Jongwan: They didn't wake up even when I shook them, so I stole some, even though I shouldn't have. There were things that looked like bottles so I just took them.
Jaekyung: He didn't even know what was in there. Dark bottle that looked like alcohol. He thought it was alcohol.
Jongwan: but it was nausea medicine. I thought it was alcohol and I drank it straight. The morning after they found me drunk off medicine, fallen asleep on my knees. It's really funny now I think about it. (Laughs)

Any questions you want to ask, Jongwan?
Jongwan: When you find someone you really like, what do you want to do? Pretending that Jaewon isn't married in this scenario.
Jaekyung: I want to try everything, from small things to big things.
Jongwan: What are "big things"?
Jaekyung: I think I'd have to see. When you put it that way, I think love and music are similar. You don't know where it will lead you.
Junghoon: Like I've said before I don't have any time for anything else than music.
Everyone: hahahaha.
Jaewon: I want to try getting together with my girlfriend and my friends and just drink and talk. I did that a lot when I was still dating, but after getting married and having a child it's harder.

What about you, Jongwan?
Jongwan: I would have to make music with her body.
Everyone: hahahaha.
Jongwan: I'm sorry. I've been watching some cooking shows and they're cooking outside a lot. I want to cook and eat together somewhere with a nice view. And then make music with her bod.... haha.

Now then, I'm curious about your sexual fantasies. Haha. 
Jongwan: This is Paper, right? Not Maxim?
Everyone: hahahaha.
Jaekyung: I need to meet someone first.
Jaewon: I have one. (considers it for a while) it's two words, but should I say it. ahahahaha.
Jaekyung: this is an interview!
Jongwan: You have to protect your family!
Jaewon: (feeling self-conscious) I'll pass.

Hahahaha. Jongwan?
Jongwan: I've done everything, so. Haha. I'm an honest type so I talk about everything. Nowadays I miss the romantic things in the past. As you age you become more open with your sex life. I'm often reminded of how precious those shy moments were.
Junghoon: I don't have a sexual fantasy. Just the basics! Basic!
Everyone: Basics? What is that!
Junghoon: just the act itself! I don't really want to try anything other than that. Even when I watch porn I'm not interested by different positions, things like that.
Jongwan: this "basics" you speak of, aren't you sure it's not like while doing a handstand or something?
Everyone: bahahaha!

(the continued rated R talks edited out) okay, okay~ now changing the topic. There are times when you're proud of yourself, right?
Jaewon: (showing off his arms) like this?
Everyone: hahahaha.
Jaekyung: Now everything's related to the previous talk! What are we going to do with this atmosphere!
Jaewon: I become proud of myself when we complement each other after a performance. "You played well", "you sang well", that kinda thing. I love those moments.
Jongwan: When we come up with a really good song. All the efforts are in that song. All that writing, arranging, and recording. So I'm happy when we come up with a brilliant song. Everyone works hard for that.
Junghoon: For me, when we're performing. It's not that I think I look cool when I'm on stage... When there are thousands of people who show up to see us, when a skilled engineer is there to check our sound, when the lighting director is shining the lights on us. In those moments I realize that we have the coolest jobs in the world.
Jaekyung: Being in Nell itself is a joy. It's almost like getting drunk on the fact that I've spent such a long time with my friends. I'm similar to Jongwan. We can make music, but we don't make good music all the time. When good music comes out, I get a high off that.

Nell has been around without any member change for 13 years. Jaurim, who's been around for 15 years, said that the secret behind their longevity was "personal projects". I want to hear more about Nell's personal projects.
Jaekyung: Not sure yet. For now, Nell is enough. There's so much to do as Nell.

You don't have to limit yourself to music. You could start a business...
Everyone: We'll stop whoever even thinks of that!
Junghoon: I think we all know that we don't have the talents in that area.
Jongwan: Stocks? I taught us that it wasn't a thing to be messed with. (Laughs) As for personal projects, I think it'd work as long as you know what the focus is. Nell is the focus, we are all aware of that, and as long as our personal activities don't get in the way of Nell. Of course it'd be hard. I see passion as a limited thing. If you give 60% to one side, you have to give 40% to the other, that's passion. So you have to measure well. If you distribute it accordingly, I think it'll be okay.

In a sense you can say that these are your weapons: voice, guitar, drums, bass. If they were living things, what do you want to tell them?
Jaekyung (to guitar): "make better sounds!" Guess it'd say that I should try harder. (Laughs)
Jaewon (to drum): "Thank you for your effort."
Junghoon (to bass): "Try your best, and I'll try my best."
Jongwan: I'm thankful. Voice is a voice but I'm thankful to music itself. We're the kind of people who'd probably have lived really boring lives if we didn't do music. We're so bashful. But we're living satisfying lives because we're doing music, so I'm always thankful.

Will the fans be able to see you at midnight of December 24th again this year? When you were active before you always had concerts at that time. 
Jaekyung: We're trying to make it happen.
Junghoon: 2007 was the latest. Christmas Eve is also Jongwan's birthday.

Are there more advantages to having your birthday on that day, or more disadvantages?
Jongwan: There are no advantages. It's the birthday of the most famous person in the world, you can't beat that. I always half-joke and say that "I work on my birthday", but I'm the happiest when I perform.

Long time from now, when a movie about Nell comes out, what songs do you want to use as the opening song and the ending song?
Jaekyung: Wow. we should make a new song for such an important movie.
Jongwan: If we have to pick from the songs we have now - opening could be "Take Me With" from our first indie album. It's the first song we recorded at an actual recording studio. Ending could be "12 Seconds" from the 4th album. It's the song we sing last at every concert. At some point it became our finishing song.

And the title for the movie?
Jongwan: The title of our very first album is "Reflection Of". Since it's our story, "Reflection of Nell" sounds good.

You seem to be particularly nostalgic about that first album.
Jongwan: We have a lot of memories. I was living in Ilsan then, and we spent a month living in my house to make that album. There were things that we were dissatisfied with but it was our beginning.

It's out of print and impossible to get now. Do you guys have a copy?
Jongwan: I don't. I actually don't own any of our albums. When an album comes out, I immediately start thinking about the next one. It might seem cold, but my mind is always on the music we're about to make than the music we made. I want to focus more on that.

Nell's lyrics are very focused on the past, but the music is the opposite.
Jongwan: Yeah, we don't get too fixed on the past.

I had fun with this interview.
Jaekyung: it was an interview with twists and turns.

"Basics" was the climax, I think.
Everyone: hahaha.

[original scans courtesy of 11211guswls @ naver; translations by re-posting is allowed, but please credit both!]


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  14. I love this interview! Thanks for translating.

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