Tuesday, May 29, 2012

be an artist, right now.

"The moment children start to lie is the beginning of storytelling. They're making stories about things unseen. It's an amazing moment. You should celebrate."

"Unfortunately the little artists inside us get suffocated to death even before we have a chance to fight against the oppressors of art."

"But art is not about getting something. Art is the ultimate goal." 

edit: Really enjoyed this TEDxSeoul talk. Everything I believe in, except I would never be able to word it so well like him. Kim Young Ha is a writer I've been trying to take up recently (he's the voice behind the narration track on eAeon's solo album, if you recognized his voice here) and I do have some short stories by him in my house so I'll get to that soon! My mom is a huge fan of the 이상문학상 (Yi Sang Literary Award) and she always gets the books with all the winners. This year he won the grand prize, so there are three of his short stories in the book. Some of his works are also translated in English, so I put a request in for one of them at the local library.

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