Monday, February 6, 2012

[album review] eaeon - guilt-free

finally! eAeon released his solo album Guilt-Free last week, and although it's not a Mot album, it's still genius. seriously, it's so awesome, I almost cried. (that is a lie. I cried.) the album consists of 2 CDs, second being a collection of instrumentals of songs from the first CD. (hence thoroughly revealing eAeon's music - it's like he wants you to analyze and pick apart his music)

eAeon's music is hard to describe; it's so complicated, it's so dense, it's so dark, it's so awesome. there are a lot of good reviews and analyses of his music floating around online, and one of them said that listening to this album too much makes you go insane - and that's true. the music gets hold of you and doesn't let you go.

there's certainly a sense of loneliness, emptiness in his music, which goes really well with the destructive electronic sound. it's just really great. so great. i had so much expectations for this album and i wasn't let down at all. although this album literally had me down on the floor weeping because i was floored with emotions...

i tagged this as 'rock' but that just doesn't cut it. it's significantly more. there's definitely the electronica element, the glitch pop element. it's really something completely different. I can't really define it, you just have to listen to it yourself.

the song that really caught my attention at first was of course the title track Bulletproof ("I wish I had a bulletproof soul..."), a gorgeous and tragic song. but all the other songs got to me as well soon enough: SCLC ("mix them up and drink it down") with its addictive, strangely danceable beats; 5 in 4 with its abnormal rhythm that just had me speechless with its complexity. 무슨 일이 일어났는지는 아무도, narration-track reminiscent of 다섯개의 자루 from Mot's 2nd album Strange Season. Lovely track.

basically a flawless album that holds a lot of things you can dig through. you discover something new every time you listen to it - the music is just so intricate - and it's amazing. really. go listen to it.

my rating: ★★★★★

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