Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[album review] idiotape - 11111101

idiotape: increasing my productivity by 200% since 2011.  

seriously though, idiotape's music is the greatest thing to do anything to. try it. laundry? oh yes. cleaning your room? yes yes. STUDYING? awwwwww yess.

I can't normally listen to music with headphones when I'm studying - I find them too distracting. But with some good lyrics-less electronic music with a kick-ass beat I get everything done twice as fast. so obviously idiotape's 1st full-length studio album 111101 was a godsend to my troubled, distracted soul. if you remember, I included it in my albums of 2011 that could have been list, and darn I wish I've really checked this album out sooner because it's so full of awesome. all the songs that were on their previous EP are on this album and the whole album is extremely consistent so there weren't any huge surprises, but I simply can't get enough of this album. I automatically play this album when I'm studying with headphones on... so don't be surprised if you see me in the library doing stiff bodywaves in the chair while writing a paper on buddhism. I'm probably listening to Even Floor, my favourite track from this album (and from idiotape).

my rating: ★★★★★


  1. Haha, that's funny. I listen to Idiotape while doing the very same mundane tasks: namely, chores. A bad habit of mine is vacuuming a room while listening to music out loud. And yesss, Even Floor is a boss track.

    1. this is my go-to album for everything, seriously. can't go wrong with idiotape. and even floor is such a head-turner, it's such a catchy track!

  2. i actually know their songs from variety show the genius lol (an amazing show anyway). melodie is such a signature track for the show, so i naturally hooked up with this song. but even floor is just perfection... perfection, i say. xD

  3. YESSSS! i completely got hooked on melodie after watching the show, LOVE how they use that song on that program! (and I agree, such a fun show!) I'd actually say that i'm a bigger fan of melodie than even floor now, thanks to that show.