Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nell. coming soon.

My favourite band in the whole entire universe is coming back. Nell. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite band/musician is, I always know my answer. Because I have Nell. It's been 3-4 years since they went on a hiatus and my feelings have stayed the same all throughout. There were many other bands that I discovered, fangirled over, and supported, but in the end it was always Nell.

The teaser track is beautiful; it's exactly what I would have expected from them. The snare drum sound is perfect for the dramatic mood of the song, and I'm hoping that it's a part of a full track because the song sounds gorgeous. Gah. I basically have a lot of feelings when it comes to Nell. A lot.

I don't know when "soon" is but I'm hoping that it will actually be soon... school is hard right now, it'd be nice to have something to look forward to during the days.

I have a feeling that this album will be amazing.

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