Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[album review] Zitten - White Night.

빛나는 하늘과 떨리는 두 손과 
나를 바라보는 너의 그 깊은 미소가
난 울지 않을래 피하지 않을래
어둠 속의 빛으로 넌 내게 머물러
I am a huge fan of Zitten; their first album is one of my favourite albums of all time, and their song Rock Doves and 그녀 are some of my favourite songs of all time. Their latest album is certainly different from their previous releases - it's definitely more experimental, more variety. The title track, 백야, is a great song that stays true to the sound we are used to, but the song that immediately follows it, March, is an upbeat piano rock song. (Sooryun of The Koxx participated on the song) and Moonlight is a similarly rock-ish song that sounds super great. The other songs on the album are okay at best I'd say, but still a good listen. But the album is definitely worth it because of the fast songs and the title track ... which is simply just beautiful. perfect for winter. both the orignal version and the piano version. I really like the piano version, which is an instrumental track. I definitely recommend this album. 

my rating: ★★★★